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Bronzová medaile v krajském kole

Štěpán Brůha z 4.OA reprezentoval naši školu v krajském kole anglické olympiády, kde se umístil na krásném třetím místě. Přečtěte si jeho dojmy ze soutěže.

On the 25 of April in the early morning I departed from Uherské Hradiště with my mom, as she was tasked by the school to take me to Rožnov Pod Radhoštěm, because I competed in the region wide English competition which took place in their local grammar school.

When we got there we were met by a nice lady which took us into the waiting room area where I met the other contestants. Once everyone got to the place, we were greeted once more, this time as a collective and we were introduced to the rules.

The first round started around 9 o’clock and we were sent to a room where we got a Oxford worksheet, that consisted of reading and listening. The sheet was about sharks and divers, I scored the best on this one.

We then had a few minutes to clear our heads and revise topics for the conversation round. I was the third to go and when I got in front of the judges I had a pretty nice chat. I was told I was pretty good and then all there was to do, was wait for the competition to end.

Once the competition ended, all the contestants were rounded up and the leaderboard was announced. I was ranked the third with 202 points losing only 3 points to be on the second place. All together it was fun, I’d definitely recommend this to all the people that use English in their regular life and would like to learn more and maybe even be rewarded with a small diploma and a chocolate bar.

Štěpáne, moc gratulujeme!

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