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USA: How are you?

Our trip to America has began on october 26th. Our first stop was Prague where we spent a night. We got up at 2.30 a.m. and experienced terrifying journey to the airport. Flight to Paris was really quick, we didn’t even notice. But the long flight to Atlanta was hideous. It was so exhausting, but we heroicly survived. Than we stopped over and got to another plane. At Norfolk airport were all families already waiting. They took as to „new homes“ and our super exciting week began.
The first day started with slideshow about Czech Republic. We made successful day in school and peeked in american education. On Tuesday we went to see Washington and had an awesome driver named Steve. DC is such a beautiful city, we saw Washington and Lincoln monument, White House, Capitol and stunning Natural History Museum. Such a shame we had to hurry. Wednesday was full of fun, we had a visit in Nasa and in the evening we carved pumpkins. Oh my that was cool. 

But we wanted to know more about history so we visited Jamestown and old town in Williamsburg. We got to know new culture and in the evening saw a lot trickortreating on Halloween. Wish we can go back.
Friday was about UCN university and we went to saw a movie about dogs – I know, sounds fun. Saturday and Sunday was family program but we all went to funfair and made a lot of memories. I think I’ll speak for everyone when I say that we miss our partners and can’t wait to see them again. This week was one from the best we’ve experienced.

Barbora Březinová